Outsourced Product Development

Keep focus on your market by outsourcing the complete development of your software product to a reliable technology partner. Turn ideas into great software products by gaining access to experienced software developers, solid technical know-how and business acumen. Whether you’re a small startup or an established business, you can find in DEAFOR the right partner for any stage in your product lifecycle.

Complete Product Development Support

Technology Strategy
We translate market and product requirements into functional requirements and propose the technology strategy and architecture, considering known requirements and keeping in mind possible future needs. Even though time to market is a matter of crucial importance for a startup product, we always take into consideration possible extension scenarios, thus framing flexible, extensible and scalable architectural concepts.

POC / MVP / Product Development
With the technology strategy defined, you can rely on us for the complete implementation of your product, at the proof of concept (POC), minimum viable product (MVP) stage, and for future product iterations. Working in a truly Agile setup, we can commit a Product Owner to bridge your product management team with our technical team and ensure the time to market and scope clarity.

Product Maintenance & Support
Finally, we can support mature product businesses with application management services, bug fixing or platform modernization services. Let us take care of your software and focus on leveraging the market opportunities you may have.

Why Us


Factor that is usually critical for a startup business, guarantees you a short time to market if complemented with the right level of involvement from your side. It is widely recognized that the speed with which a product is launched and adapts to new market challenges and opportunities weighs heavily on its future. Fast development at high quality is our major focus in software product development.


The result of following software craftsmanship principles and continuously refining our processes and methods, leads to software products with great user interfaces, scalability and performance.


Delivering lots of projects in a variety of application areas and industries, cannot be replicated with a fresh in-house team. Understanding, learning and applying the best practices in software development takes years and lots of projects. At DEAFOR you have all this experience readily available for less than what you would pay for an in-house team.