On-Demand Outsource IT

Our On-Demand resource are experienced IT professionals. We like to think of them as IT Ninjas! You can hire our On-Demand resource (developers and testers) by the day to work with your existing staff or outsource entire projects to us. The On-Demand team have delivered many great projects across various industry sectors using a variety of technologies. If you would like to learn more we would love to hear from you and share our case studies. We are not dogmatic when it comes to methodologies and standards and are happy to work with yours or ours although we do have a preference for using Agile methodologies. When working with the On-Demand team you can work with them remotely, visit them at our offices or even request they visit your offices. We are completely flexible. On-Demand resource is charged by the hour so there are no upfront costs or long term commitments. On-Demand resource is well suited to Short to long term engagements Part-time or full-time resources Resource required at short notice Peaks in resource requirements IT outsourcing Outsourcing niche developments, e.g. Android development

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Who Is This Model For?

  • Companies that have a particular project they want to outsourcen
  • Companies looking for a skill they do not have internally
  • Companies that do not need resource full-time
  • Companies that need resource at short notice
  • Companies using the Dedicated model who need additional resource to cope with peaks in resource demand
  • Companies that want to try offshore before setting up their own Dedicated offshore teams