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Gain competitive advantage by leveraging DEAFOR's proven nearshore and offshore software outsourcing services.

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Customer Sotware Development

If you seek a reliable partner to cover the complete life cyle of your custom software projects, DEAFOR can step in and impress from the requirements stage to design, development and continuous evolution.

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QA & Testing

Enhance the quality of your software by relying on DEAFOR's professional quality assurance and software testing services, refined over more than a decade.

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IT Support

You can find support at DEAFOR at any stage in the process, our specialists being ready to help you develop the product idea, do a feasibility study for it, prepare a prototype version of the solution to simulate its behavior at a low cost, develop the application and test it.

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The Bulgarian IT outsourcing industry is growing ahead of the rest of the economy and software development teams are internationally recognized. With the best partners for software development expanding along major cities, DEAFOR headquarters are established in the central, university, touristic and attractive location of Sofia. The IT business is attracting foreign investors and is experiencing a wave of acquisitions of local companies by foreign investors.
The offshore software team can be managed either by the DEAFOR project managers and team leaders or by your own company’s team and will be paid according to days worked in a month or in the projects at regular market rates, negotiated in the best interest of both parties.

Our services and products are based on modern development principles and are accessible on the web, locally or on mobile. The technologies used are the newest on the market, adaptable and mobility compliant.